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Kingsway Meats in the top 4 of best delicatessens

On November 25, 2021… TORONTO LIFE put out their list of the top delicatessens in the largest city in Canada with all of its diversity and rich in food establishments. We were thrilled to be named in the top 4 of the best delicatessens in Toronto. This is what is what they wrote…

"4. Kingsway Meat and Deli
Run by siblings Adam, Greg and Ewa Wesierski, whose father, Hubert, started the biz, Kingsway Meat and Deli has been providing Bloor West Village with Polish and Ukrainian staples for over 30 years. The European-style shop is your quintessential deli: a window dressed with a valance of sausage links, various other smoked meats coiled like party streamers behind the counter and big plastic buckets filled to the brim with serve-yourself (in the before times, anyway) dill pickles, sauerkraut and herring. Most everything in the store—including the kolbasa (both ham and turkey varieties) and the Oktoberfest and village sausages—is prepared at their factory outlet and smokehouse in Mississauga. For snacking, grab some kabanosy: skinny, foot-long meat sticks that laugh in the face of other pepperettes. Bags of frozen pierogies and plum-filled paczki are quite obviously not meat products but make for excellent impulse purchases."